• Oliver Arellano Padilla


    He graduated from Transdisciplinary Design program at Parsons. And his research interest is in the intersection of political theory and design, particularly in radical democracy and the agonistic pluralism. As a transdisciplinary designer, Oliver has a political approach towards creativity and innovation practices. By political he refers to the recognition of the design process as an exercise of power; therefore, considers the individuals, communities, and stakeholders involved either directly or indirectly crucial actors in the processes.  

    From 2009 to 2011 acted as the Digital Campaign Strategist and Branding consultant for the digital presidential campaigns in Colombia, Brazil, Ukraine, and Ireland. He has also worked with local governments and political parties at a state and federal level in Mexico designing the visual identities for governmental organizations, implementing brand manuals guidelines and creating communication strategies to address racial discrimination towards indigenous communities.



    Recent Publications:

    Recently published an article called "Design, Politics, and Ideology" in the academic journal Plot(s).

    Current Courses:

    Innovation: Discussion (Spring 2019)

    Senior Project 2: Capstone (Spring 2019)