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    R. Sikoryak is the author of the graphic novels Masterpiece Comics, Terms and Conditions, and The Unquotable Trump (Drawn and Quarterly), and the co-author, with Michael Smith, of The Seduction of Mike (Fantagraphics), a comic book funded by the NEA. His cartoons and illustrations have appeared in The New Yorker, Nickelodeon Magazine, Drawn and Quarterly, Raw, Fortune, Esquire, GQ, MAD, among many other publications, and on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  He has drawn storyboards and character designs for many animation projects produced by Augenblick Studios. He was awarded an Artist's Fellowship from The New York Foundation for the Arts for his comics adaptations of classic literature. Since 1997, he has presented his live comics performance series, "Carousel," around the U.S. and Canada.

    Recent Publications:

    Terms and Conditions, The Unquotable Trump

    Performances And Appearances:

    Carousel: Comics Performances

    Research Interests:

    graphic novel, illustration, comics, performance, animation

    Current Courses:

    Senior Thesis 1

    Senior Thesis 2 (Spring 2020)


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