• Ulrich Lehmann

    Associate Professor of Design Practice and Theory


    Ulrich Lehmann studied philosophy, sociology and the history of art in Frankfurt am Main, Paris and London. His research interests can be grouped in a couple of areas: the histories of ideas and of material culture in Europe from the 1780s to 1850, and the meaning, materiality and praxis of contemporary design. He has contributed to a wide range of journals and edited collections on fashion and material culture, and his books include Josiah McElheny: Object Lesson and Tigersprung: Fashion in Modernity, and most recently Fashion and Materialism. Ulrich’s academic appointments have included positions at the University for the Creative Arts at Rochester and the Victoria and Albert Museum, and for the past three years at The New School as associate professor of interdisciplinary arts in Lang.

    Current Courses:

    Design Studies TBA

    Independent Study

    Intro to Design Studies Lec (Spring 2020)

    Making + Meaning: Materials

    Montage: Film in Design (Spring 2020)

    Revolution and Progress

    Scene Lab: Performing War

    Sport and Modern Life