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    Certificate Requirements

    • Course requirements: 8 online and/or on-campus courses, including 6 required courses and 2 fashion electives.
    • Timeline to completion: Most courses last nine weeks or more. Courses meeting for fewer than nine sessions count as half of an elective and need to be combined to fulfill one elective requirement. Most students take two courses per semester. The certificate must be completed in two years.
    • Cost: $776-$796 per course.

      Transform yourself from fashion connoisseur to entrepreneur. This program offers the basics in business practices for anyone interested in the fashion industry. Providing practical and theoretical foundations for industry or entrepreneurial careers, courses cover the history of and most recent developments in merchandising and retail buying, the ongoing changes in and evolution of global marketing, insights and experience in the NYC fashion industry, and a foundation in fashion history.  

      Start by completing the following foundational courses, in this suggested order:

      After you complete these courses, your final step will be to enroll in two electives.

      • Two electives - Choose from our offerings in graphic design, digital design, fashion design, fashion business, interior design, and fine arts.