Graduate Minors

  • In keeping with our commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship and collaboration, The New School now offers graduate minors. These structured study pathways immerse you in disciplines outside of your primary field and expose you to new ideas and alternative modes of research and practice, broadening your skills and expanding your career options.

    Graduate minors are made up of three courses, for a total of 9 credits. You can choose to acquire foundational knowledge in a single discipline, such as economics or design studies; investigate emerging interdisciplinary issues, such as migration and capitalism; or develop professional capacities in areas including entrepreneurship and digital storytelling.


    Graduate minors are available to all graduate students at The New School, although some minors are closed to students in specific programs. Because graduate minors consist of three courses, for a total of 9 credits, students in the following Parsons master’s programs have the most curriculum flexibility to devote three elective courses toward completing a graduate minor: 

    • Architecture and Lighting Design (MArch/MFA)
    • Design and Urban Ecologies (MS)
    • Fashion Studies (MA)
    • Fine Arts (MFA)
    • History of Design and Curatorial Studies (MA)
    • Photography (MFA)
    • Textiles (MFA)
    • Theories of Urban Practice (MA)

    Your academic advisors can help you select and declare a graduate minor and chart a curriculum that satisfies your degree and minor requirements.

  • Available Minors

    Graduate Minor Guidelines

    • It is not permissible for students to double-count courses that are required for their degree program towards a graduate minor.

    • Students must earn the required minimum grades to apply courses toward a minor. Grade requirements and other policies are set by the college in which the minor is housed.

    • Students can retroactively apply successfully completed courses toward a minor upon declaring. See guidelines below for declaring a minor. 

    • Students are not permitted to take a minor that is too similar to their main graduate program of study. Please see minors pages for preclusions.

    How to Declare, Change, or Apply to a Minor

    Current students can declare or change a minor by logging in to, clicking on the Academics tab, and then clicking on the link to Major/Minor Declarations.

    Students in one-year programs should declare a minor by the end of their first semester of study, ideally prior to registration for their final term.  Students in programs of longer duration than one year should declare a minor by the end of their first year of study.

    Graduate Minors Requiring an Application

    Applications are required for admission to the following minors due to constraints on facilities or the need for a specific level of skill in a particular field:

    • Impact Entrepreneurship
    • Methods and Concepts of Political Economy
    • Transmedia and Digital Storytelling

    The application form for these graduate minors can be accessed by filling out the declaration form.