Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Yunxiang (Sharon) Zhou


    Menswear Designer of the Year

    In my studies at Parsons, I developed a personal awareness of the issue of fashion and sustainability. My focus as a designer is to create garments that the wearer finds useful and efficient for everyday life, made from textiles that age well such as leather and denim, so the garments are never thrown away. For my thesis collection, I began to explore vintage menswear—the classic leather jacket and military parka, for example—and found that in menswear the utility of a garment always gave birth to a classic that never went out of style. Menswear enthusiasts hang on to their waxed Barbour jackets and old Levi jeans, and delight in the small details that were originally incorporated for utility. 

    Based on the idea of worker’s garments and tools, I developed a collection of aprons that celebrate utility. I incorporated the long-established details of worker’s uniforms from office workers, construction crews, hospital personnel, farmers, and those in the military—details that tell the story of their day-to-day labor. I am a strong believer that work is a person’s greatest source of pride; when we have honed our craft, we feel accomplished and valuable. My thesis is a celebration of work.