Student Work

  • Photography (BFA)

    Spencer Kohn


    This series of self-portraits explores an imagined landscape with the intervention of technology. The character in this story is immersed in a digital world. The landscape of the digital world is unfixed, and the objects occupying it are merely ghosts. While Spencer is both the artist and the character in the frame, a cipher is a more accurate term for this being. The originating file used in this process is video. Spencer travels to locations and landscapes choreographing movements and made into a Videograph.

    Videograph, coined by Kohn, is the most accurate way to describe his fusion of video and photography. Once the choreography is imagined and recorded, multiple technologies and software are combined to produce the final result, a still image. Spencer strives to enhance the imperfections of technology and create an aesthetic similar to traditional photography. Using a multi-layered technological process and working in the realm of classical photography, the past, present and future are represented. Each Videograph is one-of-a-kind, and no Videograph will be the same as the next.