Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    MoonKyung Hwang


    My thesis collection is entitled, 'Detective.' In the process of developing and creating it, I realized that a fashion designer's role is very similar to the role of a detective.

    Detectives often solve cases by discovering the missing puzzle piece between existing clues. This collection was inspired by the way a designer puts together bits and pieces just like a detective. As menswear designer, I wanted to create timeless designs with modern twists that men could fashionably wear for generations to come. In order to accomplish this I mixed classic silhouettes with modern constructional details inspired by the missing clues detectives are in search of. Examples of these design details include: raglan+dard sleeve shirts; hidden diagonal pockets and plackets; a seamless cuffed shirt; a fake collar and lapeled blazer; and complicated pocket constructions.