Student Work

  • Product Design (BFA)

    Jenna Lee


    KOMPAK is an origami-inspired collapsible carry-on suitcase in which the innovation derives from the quick and easy collapsibility method. Empty suitcases are bulky and consume space in the home (especially in urban environments). My design focus is on easily understood transformation methods in which the product is able to unexpectedly increase and decrease in depth. The carry-on has living hinges inside which are directional guides of folding for the user, as well as part of the exterior aesthetic. A product that is able to transform is a product that is able to take full advantage of its form.All carry-on suitcases are limited to 22”X14”X9” inches. KOMPAK is able to collapse from 9 inches in depth to 2.5 inches (almost 80 percent less than its original size) in depth, by using thinner and light weight materials which can further enhance the collapsibility.