Student Work

  • Interior Design (MFA), Lighting Design (MFA)

    Stephen Finney

    The Methuselah Iterations

    One means of seeking knowledge has historically been through the contemplation of built space. In the twenty-first century, we find ourselves confronted by two forms of constructed space - the physical and the digital - the division of which has complicated our normative spatio­-temporal understanding.

    This thesis considers how these two space-types are mediated by “frames” - the door, the window vs. the television screen, the computer monitor - and how their simultaneous existences challenge the temporal and material conventions of environmental production and understanding.  

    As an experiment in twenty-first century spatial meditation and production, digital and physical representation techniques are used to construct a narrative of  “construction,” involving a Brooklyn ­based Trappist monastery and IBM's cognitive computing entity ­- Watson.