Student Work

  • Industrial Design (MFA)

    Tim Ronco

    The New York Kettle Company

    Twenty-first-century life is full of generic, mass-produced products that show no trace of how or where they were made or who produced them. Consumers are reacting to the paradigm of industrial design, mass production, and senseless consumption through a demonstrated desire to know where products are made and who is responsible for production. New York Kettle Company creates greater meaning between people and products through a transparent regional supply chain and an elevated design. New York Kettle Company is proud to be launching Electric Kettle Model 101 the Joule. New York Kettle Company works with regional manufacturing industries to build a kettle you'll be proud to showcase in your kitchen. Joule is a high-quality electric kettle made of superior materials that deliver a rich physical and interactive experience. This kettle won't need replacing. Joule is built to last and has been designed for easy servicing, making it an appliance that will last a lifetime.