Student Work

  • Photography (MFA)

    Christian Padron


    THE VEIL (2017), is a new short film exploring the fluidity and fragility of the black male life & body. The film’s narrative, combining modes of fiction, non-fiction and experimental cinema, contemplates the significance of tendencies toward denial and self-isolation, and the demons of trauma which linger in a collective consciousness — both physically and metaphorically in reaction to deeply felt emotional pain. This film is a community of young men doing what they can to keep their lives together, glimpsed in a kaleidoscope of storylines and non-linear scenes, that defy typical categorization of four-square, three-act plot to explore new languages and new forms of rhythm. THE VEIL serves as a metaphor for the separation and invisibility of black distress and its existence in America, and with Harlem as the protagonist, we are forced to become neighbors.