Student Work

  • Interior Design (MFA)

    Kristin Eugenio

    Spectrum of Spaces

    What is inside and what is outside? How can our understanding of and relationship to our environment be changed through interior design? Interior design is commonly thought of as the aesthetics of interior space. This interior is limited to enclosed spaces created by four walls, a floor and a ceiling; here, the interior is finite. This often results in sterile, over-prescribed spaces that offer a disorienting environment where the human is outside of the natural. Spectrum of Spaces is aimed at breaking down dichotimous ideas of space through asking and testing how we can reconstruct our relationship to space and create a design that links people to the environment. To accomplish this, I've proposed an alternative framework for relating to space. Space is on a spectrum, just like color. Space is not a contained place, but a process at a moment in time. Person and environment are continuous. For this analysis, I chose an interior/exterior place located at 31-35 East 4th Street in New York City and the activity of eating as tools to explore this concept. Eating is a framework for understanding how we connect to space. We consume our environment; indirectly and directly, we are continuously consuming space. Responding to this insight, I created three scenarios that test how our environment affects our interpretation of ourselves. This project is a process of asking questions to understand, deconstruct and construct surroundings. It reflects the idea that place is a process and that an understanding of place is both a finite and infinite experience. Through interior design, we can be part or a part of our environment.