Student Work

  • Data Visualization (MS)

    Julian Lange

    On and Beyond the Edge: Visual Stories of Winning Margins in Elite Sports

    Olympic games and world championships showcase the world's elite athletes. While medalists earn a significant premium over fourth-place finishers, the margins of victory have become smaller and smaller. To surmount these margins, athletes are continuously looking for ways to gain advantage, from training to nutrition and equipment. This trio of interactive visualizations examines three stories from beyond the edge of victory. First, in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, users are invited to test hypothetical scenarios in which athletes' performances improve by small increments, from 0.05 percent to 1 percent. The second visualization highlights a story from the swimming pool, where advances in swimsuit design effectively changed the parameters of a sport. Finally, users can relive the 2018 Winter Olympic Games men's singles luge event (which was won by a margin of 0.028 seconds), through an animation that displays the top eight athletes competing head-to-head. Visit