Student Work

  • Data Visualization (MS)

    Kevin Lee

    What Movies Are Selling You

    When we watch movies, we want to enjoy a story and immerse ourselves in the experience. We don't tend to think about being advertised to or given a sales pitch, especially when we've already paid for admission. But product placement means that this happens all the time, without our even thinking about It. it's a multibillion dollar industry that is growing as advertisers continue to fight for our eyeballs. Studies have shown increases in consumer awareness of and positive feelings toward placed brands, and companies that take part in product placement often see their sales soar. Sometimes products fit into the plot of a movie, serving practical purposes in scenes; at other times, product placement can be awkward and distracting. By looking at the top ten movies from an entire decade, we can draw some insights into product placement: how often it happens, what categories or brands get pushed the most, and in what ways the products are shown. An even more accurate analysis can be made by looking at Iron Man, a film that launched the biggest movie franchise in history. However you might feel about it, one thing is for certain: product placement works. See more on issuu.