Student Work

  • Industrial Design (MFA)

    Danielle Connelly

    The Domestic Uncharted. Familiar Spaces, Abstract Perspectives.

    The Domestic Uncharted explores the use of anamorphic illusion, or the reformation of an image from a specific vantage point, to emphasize the co-existence of infinite points of perspective (in contrast with the concept of a single, perfect point of view). The illusion of the graphic makes users reflect on their personal worldview. As the user moves into the transition space, the illusion is broken as it is contextualized. With each step, the image is rendered anew. Maintaining an awareness of one's paradigm is of paramount importance as one enters or leaves the home. The home is an oasis of wellness and comfort, and a place characterized by designed consistency. The Domestic Uncharted is an attempt to design the ordinary in a way that ensures we don't settle for what we know. It asks us to see the overlooked and look at the unseen, because in the nuance of perspective and opinion lurks a dangerous tendency toward complacency. The Circle Shelf, first viewed at the threshold, is boldly graphic and two-dimensional. The illusion plays with a shape that is platonic and familiar, situated so as to be unexpected and confrontational. Moving into the room, the viewer sees the frontal planes of the initial image tear away from one another and extrude a depth of space that previously did not appear to exist. The shelf challenges the passage of the user. At the same time, its abstraction gives the product functionality, letting users display and store items as well as framing the perspective of the entrant. See more on issuu.