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  • Prepare to enter or advance your career in the growing food sector with an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Food Studies.

    At the Forefront of Food Studies

    This dynamic program is designed for students looking to enter the job market in the food sector, professionals in the food and hospitality industry, and student chefs at institutions like the International Culinary Center, who want to integrate their existing skills with a deeper knowledge of cultural, social, and environmental issues connected to food.

    Unlike programs focused on the development of culinary skills, The New School’s 60-credit AAS Food Studies program is rooted in solving real-world problems from a variety of approaches and methodologies. Our unique interdisciplinary perspective prepares graduates for employment in all segments of the food sector.

    You’ll choose one of four areas of concentration:

    • Food Culture, Media, and Communication
    • Food Health and Environment
    • Food Policy and Politics
    • The Business of Food

    An expert faculty of culinary historians, policy activists, entrepreneurs, and scientists will lead you on an exploration of issues ranging from food deserts (areas where affordable healthy food is difficult to obtain) to childhood obesity, and from food security to food journalism.

    Learn by Doing

    Great emphasis is given to practice-based experiences in the form of prior learning (knowledge gained prior to enrolling in The New School), internships, apprenticeships, self-directed learning, study abroad, and other forms of professional education. These experiences let you apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world situations. You’ll graduate with a portfolio of your best work for job interviews and professional networking.

    Flexibility and Choice

    Your options include part-time or full-time study, summer intensives, and online and evening courses. You can earn credit for select classes at the International Culinary Center (ICC). And you may apply credits from your AAS degree to a related bachelor’s degree, including a BA/BS in Food Studies and other programs offered by The New School.

    Connected to New York City and the World

    AAS Food Studies puts you in contact with leaders from food-related commercial and nonprofit organizations, media outlets, and community groups in New York City. Of special note is our partnership with New York City’s International Culinary Center (ICC). The Food Studies program also maintains collaborations with GrowNYC, Edible magazine, the Street Vendor Project, Family Cook Productions, Restaurant Opportunities Center, and the James Beard Foundation.

    The Inquisitive Eater, an innovative online collaboration with The New School’s Writing Program, enables scholars, artists, writers, designers, policymakers, and activists from all over the world to engage in conversations about food.

    Career Opportunities

    AAS graduates will be prepared to begin or advance careers in the growing food sector, from the service and production industries to media, public, relations, and communication for food and wine businesses. Graduates can also find employment in public agencies and institutions, nonprofit organizations working on food-related issues, and advocacy and policy. Students graduating with a Food Studies AAS can easily continue their education in bachelor’s programs in a variety of fields, including hospitality and business, media and communication, policy and politics, anthropology, environmental studies, and sustainability. Students can also proceed to the Food Studies BA/BS programs.

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    Environmental Studies (BA/BS)

    Food Studies (BA/BS)

    Liberal Arts (BA/BS)


    Nonprofit Management (MS)

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    Transdiciplinary Design (MFA)

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