Public Engagement


  • Executive Dean's Office

    Mary R. Watson, Executive Dean

    Scott Amen, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Planning

    Thelma Armstrong, Executive Assistant

    Diana Ayton-Shenker, Global Catalyst Senior Fellow

    Josa Balisi, Manager of Academic Planning

    Dansha Cai, Assistant Dean for Budget and Planning

    Terri Gordon, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

    Leah Iannone, Director of Academic Planning

    Michele Kahane, Associate Dean of Social Engagement and Educational Innovation

    Kelly McHugh-Stewart, Assistant Director of Academic Communications

    Cecilia Ponte, Assistant Dean for Full-Time Faculty Affairs

    Christina Puzzolo, Assistant Director of Event Operations 

    Vanessa Reich, Assistant Director of Student and Faculty Affairs

    Chrissy Roden, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Academic Planning

    Justin Sherwood, Senior Director for Communications and Strategic Initiatives

    Emily Springer, Assistant Director of Budget and Planning

    Stephanie Szitanyi, Assistant Dean of Part-Time Faculty Affairs

    Dirk Van Stee, Assistant Director of Budget and Planning

    Tracy Varites, Manager of Academic Planning

    Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment

    John Clinton, Interim Dean

    Suzanne Bostwick, Associate Director of Academic Programs

    Liz Farley, Director of Administration

    Lauretha Slaughter, Director of Student Affairs

    School of Media Studies

    Vladan Nikolic, Dean

    Dawnja Burris, Associate Dean

    Carolyn Buschel, Assistant Director of Student Affairs

    Lana Lin, Director of Undergraduate Media Studies

    Janelle McKenzie, Director of Administration

    Peter Asaro, Director, MA in Media Studies

    Robbie Powers, Director of Student Affairs

    Linda Saint Marc, Director, Media Management Program

    Michael Stewart, Manager of Technical Operations

    Julien J. Studley Graduate Programs in International Affairs

    Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Director

    Philip Akre, Associate Director of Academic Programs

    Fabiola Berdiel, Assistant Director of International Field Programs

    Bianca Rogers, Assistant Director of Administration

    Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students

    Melissa Friedling, Dean

    Juana Kennedy, Director of Administration

    Tracyann Williams, Director of Academic Affairs

    Charles Allison, Chair, Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship

    Bea Banu, Chair, Food Studies

    Alexandra Delano, Chair, Global Studies

    Rachel Heiman, Chair, Urban Studies

    Lisa Rubin, Chair, Psychology

    Val Vinokur, Chair, Liberal Arts

    Rafi Youatt, Chair, Environmental Studies

    School of Languages

    Melissa Friedling, Dean

    Juana Kennedy, Director of Administration

    Caitlin Morgan, Director, English Language Studies 

    Lesley Painter-Farrell, Director, MA TESOL

    Raul Rubio, Chair, Foreign Languages

    Jacqueline Smith, Assistant Director, English Language Studies

    Creative Writing Program

    Luis Jaramillo, Director (on sabbatical fall 2018-spring 2019)

    Laura Cronk, Director

    Ben Fama, Assistant Director of Academic Programs

    Lori Lynn Turner, Associate Director

    Admission Staff

    Merida Escandon Gasbarro, Director, Graduate Programs

    Gabriela Garcia Juarez, Assistant Director, Graduate Admission

    Melanie Mac Caskie, Assistant Director of Admission

    Elizabeth Puleio, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Undergraduate Programs

    Karl Ramos, Assistant Director, Graduate Admission

    Board of Governors of the Schools of Public Engagement
    Christopher J. Castano, Chair Phineas Lambert
    Lawrence H. Parks, Jr., Vice Chair
    Bevis Longstreth
    James Keith Brown Anthony J. Mannarino
    John A. Catsimatidis
    Victor Navasky
    Marian Lapsley Cross
    David Wasserman                           
    Susan U. Halpern, Esq.
    Lilian Shiao-Yen Wu
    Paul Koren 
    Honorary Members
    David N. Dinkins Lewis H. Lapham