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    Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies in a program open to transfer students, adults, and other nontraditional undergraduates.

    The New School offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies as part of the university's suite of cross-divisional, interdisciplinary undergraduate programs, which are designed to prepare students for the new careers of the 21st century.

    Globalization has fundamentally changed the world. It has redefined relationships between states, societies, communities, and individuals. It creates new possibilities for human progress and social justice and poses new challenges that cannot be resolved by nations individually or by markets automatically.

    The New School has always been proactive in responding to the great social issues of the day, and the Global Studies program is in keeping with that tradition. The curriculum is designed to allow undergraduates to study and work at the intersections of social sciences (political science, anthropology, sociology, and economics), human rights, and media. Our innovative courses capitalize on the expertise of the university's faculties of social science, languages, media studies, design, management, and urban policy.

    The program combines academic study with internships and other fieldwork opportunities in New York City and abroad. Graduates are prepared to pursue international careers in government and international organizations, nonprofit management and development, communication media, and education.

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