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    Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies in a program open to transfer students, adults, and other nontraditional undergraduates.

    The New School offers the Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies as part of the university's suite of cross-divisional, interdisciplinary undergraduate programs, which are designed to prepare students for the new careers of the 21st century.

    Approximately half the world's population lives in urban areas. In industrialized countries, such as the United States, less than a quarter of the population remains rural. Urbanization affects many facets of life, including politics, social justice, the environment, and the economy. The Urban Studies curriculum is designed to help students think critically and address issues of growing importance including

    • The role of the city in the national and global economy
    • How the city shapes and is shaped by cultural life and the natural environment
    • The intersection of municipal agencies and nonprofit organizations in areas such as housing and homelessness, health, and social welfare
    • How neighborhoods are created, destroyed, and revitalized
    • How urban politics reflects these issues and drives change

    The program combines academic study with internships and other fieldwork opportunities in New York City and abroad. Those who complete the program are prepared to pursue graduate study or to enter international careers in fields such as education, law, community development, journalism, management, public policy, and public health. Students can develop specialized individual paths in urban geography, urban history, urban culture, urban policy, and urban development. New York City, with its challenges, vibrancy, and diversity, serves as an educational laboratory and resource.

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