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    Bronwyn Lewis

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    "I just couldn’t get into the structured environment, so I left,” recalls Bronwyn Lewis, who dropped out of her Colorado high school when she was just 14-years-old. She went on to get her GED and went to junior college for several semesters before taking a series of entertainment industry jobs and internships. She eventually becoming the senior manager of operations at an online market research firm, but with a growing awareness of conflicts around the globe, especially in Africa, she began rethinking her career goals. That's when she found The New School's Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students.

    “I was looking for something less traditional,” says Lewis. “The Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students is perfect. Classes are small, and the Global Studies program is experiential, integrated, and service oriented and crosses traditional educational boundaries.”

    According to Lewis, her most rewarding experience as an undergraduate at The New School has been a program in Johannesburg, South Africa, sponsored by the university’s Transregional Center for Democratic Studies.

    “Jonathan Bach, my super-supportive advisor, thought I’d make a perfect candidate and could handle the graduate-level work," she says. "The experience was incredible.”

    After completing her degree, Lewis plans to go on to a master’s degree and hopes to build a career working for human rights.