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    Julia Foulkes

    “Through various other careers, I realized that there was something fundamental about teaching, about the pull of the past, about knowledge and the world of learning, that was incredibly important to me," says Julia Foulkes, associate professor of history in the Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students. "And so I ended up finding my way to graduate school, to history, and back to dance, and found a way to use that first love and understand it and see it in a new way, as a historian writing about it and thinking about it as a social force, a political force in the world.”

    Folulkes specializes in U.S. history, urban studies, and the history of the arts. She is the author of Modern Bodies: Dance and American Modernism from Martha Graham to Alvin Ailey (2002) and To the City: Urban Photographs of the New Deal (2010). Foulkes has served as an advisor to several arts organizations and as a consultant on the PBS documentary Free to Dance. Her current research examines the intersection of urbanization and the arts.