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    Terri J. Gordon

    “I want to make sure that everything that goes on in the class matters," says Terri J. Gordon, assistant professor of comparative literature in the Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students. "My classes tend to be pretty dynamic and fun. I try to create a safe space to encourage students to talk, to me, to each other, and to experiment with ideas; it’s almost an experimental space. But at the same time, I push them to be rigorous. Undergraduates typically take contemporary courses that they recognize and in which the material seems sexy. So it’s nice to get them somehow exposed to older material, ancient texts, original philosophical texts, and watch their intellectual worlds expand.”

    Gordon has published articles on cabaret, postwar film, and performance art in the Third Reich. Her translation of Jean Genet's Elle was adapted for an off-Broadway production in 2002. Gordon teaches interdisciplinary courses on ethics and literature, gender studies, urban studies, and the aesthetics of the body. She received the Distinguished University Teaching Award in 2003.