Public Engagement

Outreach Program

  • The Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL) Outreach Program was created in 2007 to provide free English language classes to immigrants, and to provide New School TESOL students with the opportunity to gain invaluable teaching experience in the English language classroom. The overarching aim is to bridge theory and practice, which is the underlying goal of the program and The New School. Since 2007, it has grown exponentially into a respected community-based organization, with classes year-round throughout New York City.

    Immigrants face disadvantages such as key issues of integration that can be attributed in part to an inability to proficiently communicate in English. The language barrier hampers progress, and with adults who are also parents, the difficulties in using English can also take a toll on their confidence and self-esteem. They feel disenfranchised once their children's English skills surpass their own. This can cause not only a clash in the family culturally, but also a reliance on children to be interpreters and even act as advocates for their parents.

    Teaching non-English speaking adults to become proficient in English is a critical step to integrating them and enabling them to enhance their opportunities for employment, become self-sufficient and self-confident, and achieve success.

    Please support the MA TESOL Outreach Program. Your gift will help bring English language opportunities to New York City’s underserved communities.

    If you would like to volunteer as a teacher in the Outreach Program, please apply here.