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    Organizational change, redesigned for the 21st century.

    Today’s organizations don’t need dogma. They need new models of consultation and intervention. Milano’s Organizational Change Management program trains students to become diagnosticians and designers of elegant, unique interventions that reimagine and reassemble cultures, build leadership capacities, and facilitate group dynamics. We offer a curriculum that provides students with a large intellectual and practical basket filled with theories, tools, and techniques. Our faculty is made up of engaged professionals creating change in a wide spectrum of organizations. They offer rigorous coursework in critical thinking and theory along with a sequence of increasingly complex projects conducted for real-world clients. Upon completion, you will have a portfolio that showcases an approach to change defined by innovative thinking, a commitment to civic responsibility, and a break from conventional formulas that fail to resolve underlying issues.

    Our students typically have several years' experience within organizational cultures. The MS degree includes two to three semesters of required courses in which students work in diverse teams on multiple large projects and immerse themselves in practice-based learning. Our program allows for part-time or full-time study and the flexibility to switch back and forth when internships become full-time opportunities.

    Students in this program also benefit from the resources, student networks, and faculty expertise of a university-wide community engaged in management and entrepreneurship.

    Connecting to New York City

    You can take full advantage of New York City’s broad resources. You will have access to a wealth of client experience, teachers with unprecedented expertise, and an extraordinary range of organizations from the UN to digital start-ups.

    Career Paths

    Our students can be found coaching individuals as they transition to senior positions, facilitating groups under pressure to solve complex problems, working hand-in-hand with senior management, and helping organizations in every sector develop sustainable and motivating cultures. Our graduates launch their own consulting firms; join existing firms such as Gotham Culture, Mercer, Accenture, Deloitte, and PwC; work at companies including Jet Blue, Google, American Express Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, Outbrain, and Reuters; and enlist at nonprofits of all shapes and sizes, including the Rockefeller Foundation and the United Nations.

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