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    With capable leadership, institutional changes encounter less resistance, and alliances of people and resources can be created to support them. This is true in small companies, large organizations, communities, and even social movements. When change becomes essential, whether in order to take advantage of new opportunities or to find long-term solutions to problems, it is critical that it be carefully led, not just imposed.

    The New School confers the Certificate in Leadership and Change for completion of a structured program of study that prepares management professionals to be effective leaders of institutional change. A certificate attests to successful completion of a short set of courses designed to establish proficiency in a specific skill set. It is not an academic degree, but a permanent record is maintained and transcripts are available. Students in certain master's degree programs of The New School may be able to earn the certificate concurrently with their master's degree.

    Students in this program also benefit from the resources, student networks, and faculty expertise of a university-wide community engaged in management and entrepreneurship.

    An Action-Oriented, Values-Based Approach

    The Milano School has been a center of research and practice in leadership development, consultation, and progressive policy analysis and implementation for more than 40 years. The Leadership and Change certificate program emphasizes learning in action and provides tools, time, and structure that enable participants to apply their learning in their own organizational situations. Students in this post-master's program test their ideas and skills in real projects for real clients, discuss their experiences with the faculty and fellow students, and return to their careers with new insight.

    Successful change leaders are able to transcend conventional wisdom, examine values, engage in honest dialogue about what works and what doesn't, and try out new ideas in organizational settings. Our program embraces proven models of change leadership. Managers who complete the certificate program are prepared to take on enhanced roles in business and nonprofit management, organizing, advocacy, social entrepreneurship, sustainability leadership, human resources development, and internal and external consulting.

    Gainful Employment Disclosures

    Pursuant with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 and other related regulations we are providing the attached disclosure.

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