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    Corbin Hill Road Farm Share

    Corbin Hill Road Farm Share is a network of farms and urban communities initiated by Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment professor of professional practice Dennis Derryck. The CSA's business model enables low-income individuals to participate in a system that is typically affordable only for more affluent people. Corbin Hill is part of a growing movement designed to give low-income communities access to reasonably priced high-quality produce.

    Corbin Hill modifies the traditional CSA model by calculating shareholder fees on the basis of income, payable on a weekly rather than yearly schedule. This enables Corbin Hill to offer subsidized shares to individuals throughout Harlem and the Bronx. The system is supported by outside foundation investors and by New School shareholders, whose fees help lower the cost to members uptown. University students, alumni, and staff are also involved in the ongoing project as volunteers and staff members.