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New Student Information

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    Congratulations on your admission to The New School Parsons Paris! Welcome to our extraordinary university community of passionate students, faculty, and staff.

    Use the General Information for New Students list below to ensure you’re ready when classes begin. Explore this page to learn about your New School email address, university housing, student visas, New Student Orientation, and more.

    Note: If you have not yet deposited, please visit the Accepted Students tab in MyNewSchool before continuing.

    To find out critical information about admissions-related questions related to COVID-19 public health situation, please see COVID-19 Information for Admitted Students below.

  • General Information for New Students

    New School Email and MyNewSchool Announcements

    All new students will be assigned a New School email account within two business days of receipt of their tuition deposit. You can access your New School email account by logging in to MyNewSchool, clicking on the Apps icon (three horizontal lines located in the upper right portion of the screen), and selecting Email. You can also go directly to

    It is important that you check your MyNewSchool announcements and New School email account regularly. Remember that all official university email communications will be sent only to this email address.

    Financial Aid

    All new students who have submitted a tuition deposit should already have completed the financial aid process. If you have not yet applied for aid, visit Student Financial Services for information and instructions.

    If you are eligible for financial aid (or scholarships) and have a completed application on file, you can check the status online by logging in to MyNewSchool and accessing your financial aid information in the Student Financial Services section. All new students receiving financial aid in the form of federal government-supported student loans must complete an Entrance Loan Counseling session online at

    If you are an international undergraduate or graduate student, learn more about funding options by visiting Student Financial Services.

    If you have not yet deposited, please visit the Accepted Student tab in MyNewSchool before continuing.

    Tuition Payment Information

    Invoices for fall 2020 will be available between July 27 and July 31. The tuition due date will be indicated on the invoice. Once your invoice is available, you'll be able to make a payment online. These are the steps for making a payment online:

    1. Log in to MyNewSchool using the following link:
    2. Click on the Services tab.
    3. Click Make Payments Online under Student Account (a new window will open).
    4. Click on Make Payment.
    5. Enter the amount to pay.
    6. From the drop-down menu, select the payment method: Checking/Savings or Credit Card via PayPath (a 2.85 percent convenience fee applies to any payments made by credit or debit card).
    7. Follow the instructions to complete your payment.

    Final Transcript

    The New School requires all enrolled students to present a final official transcript before the start of their first semester of classes. All final official transcripts must indicate the date of graduation.

    • Undergraduate students: Submit proof of high school graduation or completion of secondary school. Transfer students must also submit an updated transcript indicating all coursework completed in their final semester (required for completion of Transfer Credit Evaluation).
    • Graduate students: Submit proof of college or university graduation. Graduate students must also submit official transcripts for every college or university attended.

    Failure to submit the required documentation for your degree program will result in a hold on your account. A hold prevents registration for subsequent semesters and could jeopardize your financial aid awards.

    Review the list of documents for graduate students (PDF) and undergraduate students (PDF) that we accept as proof of graduation. Please email if your particular situation and school documentation are not outlined in the list. Use the Transcript Request Form (PDF) to request a final transcript, to be sent to the Office of Admission.

    Official transcripts should be provided directly from a student’s school by email to 

    Electronic transcripts are also accepted from the following vendors (U.S./domestic institutions only):

    • Parchment Exchange
    • National Student Clearinghouse
    • Script-Safe International

    The Office of Admission may require that a student submit an evaluation of his or her final transcript by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) provider.

    Housing in Paris

    Parsons Paris is partnering with Academic Programs International (API), our preferred housing provider, to offer housing to students in Paris. For the 2020-2021 academic year, API will offer two housing options for Parsons Paris students. To learn more about these two housing options, please check out our Housing video. After students deposit, they will receive an email from API with information on the housing options and the housing application procedure. 

    More information is available on the API website.

    Student Visas

    Students who are members of the Schengen Area do not need a visa to enter France or study at Parsons Paris.

    Students who are not European Union (EU) citizens must apply for and obtain a student visa for their program at Parsons Paris before departing for France. The student visa process involves multiple steps and must be started early.

    Parsons Paris will provide all students requiring a visa with the appropriate visa support letter and proof of medical insurance letter shortly after their tuition deposits are received. Additional support for students is provided throughout the visa application process.

    The entire visa process from start to finish can take three to four months. Please follow visa application instructions carefully.

    Students who cannot show proof of citizenship of a Schengen Member state, or a valid student visa issued by French immigration authorities, prior to their arrival in France will have a hold placed on their account. This hold will prevent registration for classes and making changes to class schedules.

    A tourist visa is not an acceptable type of visa and cannot be accepted as proof.


    Parsons Paris is part of The New School, though only students who are on mobility at our New York City campus must comply with New York State immunization requirements. Students on mobility in New York City are required to provide proof of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, and meningitis.

    Download the immunization form and carefully read the instructions. Submit the completed form and required documentation, and verify that you have read the material distributed by The New School about meningococcal disease. If you do not complete these steps, a hold will be placed on your account, which will prevent you from registering for classes and making changes to your class schedule.

    If you have already submitted your immunization records and received confirmation that they are complete, no further action is necessary. For more information, email or visit the Student Health Services website.

    Registering for Classes

    Academic advising begins with the selection of classes for your first semester and continues throughout your time at The New School. Academic advisors are here to help you define your goals, identify unique learning opportunities, and map a personalized path to prepare you to lead creative innovation. Your advisor will be assigned to you on the basis of your year, program of study, or major.

    Students begin registering for classes once they have made a tuition deposit. Visiting students begin registering for classes once they have confirmed attendance.

    You will be contacted via your New School email account with more information and registration instructions specific to your program.

    New School ID Card

    As a member of the New School community, you are required to obtain a newcard, your official university ID card. The newcard functions as your key to campus facilities and student services. Your newcard must be presented for building access, library lending, and identification purposes.

    As a new incoming student, you must — before arriving on campus — submit a high-quality scan of a color photo to be used to create your newcard. Parsons Paris students: Please submit photos using the following form.

    Student Health Insurance

    According to French national law, students are required to have health insurance that covers them in France. French Sécurité Sociale (the public French health insurance) is available for free to all students studying in France with a long-term visa or resident card. Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for French Sécurité Sociale, as it may be required for immigration purposes or if students wish to work or do an internship in France. More information about the signup process will be provided during Orientation on campus in Paris.    

    European Union students are not required to register with the Sécurité Sociale if they have obtained a European Health Insurance card (EHIC) in their home country before arriving in France, but it is still strongly recommended that they enroll in the Sécurité Sociale, as it will be required for internships or employment. 

    French Sécurité Sociale covers approximately 60 to 70 percent of healthcare-related costs (a visit to a general practitioner is typically between €25 and €50). Students can also choose to enroll in a secondary insurance plan (called a Mutuelle) to help cover the remaining costs. Students who have questions about French secondary insurance should contact Student Success. Alternatively, students can choose to submit any unreimbursed costs to their private insurance plans in their home country.

    Please note that regardless of their insurance, all individuals have the right to see a doctor in France and proof of insurance is not required for an appointment. France generally requires that individuals pay upfront and request reimbursement afterward. We encourage all students who need to visit a doctor during their stay to speak to the Student Success staff. Local staff members are always able to recommend English-speaking physicians and can accompany students to the doctor in locations where English-speaking doctors are not available. Additional information about how to access healthcare in France will be provided during Orientation.

    Mobility students from the New York City campus with TNA-AETNA/UTC who are spending time in Paris are required to maintain enrollment in their healthcare plan. We recommend that students with private insurance maintain enrollment in their healthcare plans while abroad, even if they do not have any pre-existing medical conditions. Students who must return home early because of a major illness or injury abroad will want to have access to healthcare coverage in their home country.

    Please note: It is the responsibility of students who have waived their TNA-AETNA/UTC insurance to ensure that their private health insurance will cover them abroad. If it does not, they must purchase additional insurance that will.

    Additionally, mobility and visiting students may have the right to enroll in the French Sécurité Sociale. Mobility and visiting students who are interested should contact Student Success.

    Disability Accommodations

    Students interested in requesting reasonable accommodations for a disability should complete the Disability Self-Identification Form. For more information, visit Student Disability Services.

    Parsons Paris Approximate Cost of Attendance

    Tuition at Parsons Paris 2020-2021

    Degree ProgramTuition
    Undergraduate degree programs$17,245 (12-18 credits) per semester
    Undergraduate per credit$1,170
    Graduate degree programs*$19,940 (12-19 credits) per semester
    Graduate per credit$1,390

    An academic year at Parsons Paris is divided into two semesters or terms. Tuition for one academic year for undergraduate degree programs is approximately $34,490. 

    *Graduate students in the Fashion Studies program take 12 credits per semester in the first year and 9 credits per semester in the second year, which means that they are charged the per-credit rate in the second year of study only. For the Global Executive Strategic Design and Management program, please refer to the Parsons School of Design cost chart.

    Estimated Living Expenses

    College living expenses vary from student to student. These figures are published to give you a rough idea of what an average student attending our Paris campus can expect to spend in a semester.

    Estimated Student ExpensesStudent Housing or Off Campus
    Housing (costs vary)*$4,500-$7,500 per semester
    Food$2,700 per semester
    Books and supplies$350 per semester
    Transportation$400 per semester
    Personal expenses**$2,700 per semester

    *Housing costs will depend on the option you select. For more information about housing from our preferred housing provider, please see the Housing section above.

    **Personal expenses including airfare, travel, shopping, etc., vary greatly by student. Please ensure that you budget according to your lifestyle.

    University Fees

    Fee TypeAmount
    Student Fee$600 per semester
    Global Campus Fee$90 per semester 
    Orientation Fee$150 (one time only)
    Student Senate$8 per semester


    Emergency Contact Form

    All new students must provide emergency contact information. To update your emergency contact information, log in to MyNewSchool and visit the Me tab, where you will find a link to "Update Emergency Contact Information" in the Personal Information channel. The university may use the contact information you provide in case of an emergency. If this information changes, please return to MyNewSchool to update it.

    Updated Mailing Address

    Keep your mailing address up-to-date at MyNewSchool. All official university mailings will be sent to this address.

    Parsons Paris Online Admitted Students Day

    Thank you to all of the admitted students who attended the Parsons Paris Online Admitted Students Day on Saturday, April 4, 2020! If you were unable to attend or if you wish to connect with us again, please see our Admission Events page under the Fall 2020 Admitted Students: Online Discussions and Meetings tab to learn more about our next online events for admitted students.

    New Student Orientation

    All fall 2020 students new to Parsons Paris participate in online orientation events on Thursday, August 27, 2020.

    The first day of class is Monday, August 31, 2020. Dates and times are subject to change.

    First Year Materials List

    Students can purchase the materials that they will need during their first year at Parsons Paris before arriving on campus or during Orientation. The stores in Paris listed below generally have the required supplies. If you have any questions about the required list of supplies, please contact

    Lavrut, 52 Passage Choiseul 75002 Paris
    Rougier & Plé, 108 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris
    Sennelier, 3 Quai Voltaire, 75007 Paris
    Passage Clouté, 5-7 rue des Boulets, 75011 Paris (15 percent discount for art students)


    Pencils, Pens, and Erasers 
    1Kneaded rubber eraser (gomme mie de pain)Soft gray flexible material
    1Plastic eraser (gomme en plastique)Traditional eraser
    1Hand-held pencil sharpener (taille-crayon)Sharpener with two holes
    1Drawing pencil (crayon graphite)6B soft drawing pencil
    1Drawing pencil (crayon graphite)2B medium drawing pencil
    1Drawing pencil (crayon graphite)HB hard drawing pencil
    1Graphite stick (battonet graphite)Soft (6B) solid graphite stick
    1Willow charcoal/fine vine charcoal (fusain en batonnettes fines, fusains naturels)Medium sticks, approximate diameter 4-6 mm
    Paper and Pads 
    1Hardbound sketchbooks (carnet de croquis A4)Daily sketchbook, 8.3" x 11.7" (A4)
    1Canson A3 Multi-Technique Pad (techniques Mixtes 200-300 gm)Spiral-bound A3 papers for mixed media, 200-300 gm
    1Set of 25 sheets of 120 gm drawing paper (papier format raisin)25 sheets of drawing paper, format raisin, 50 cm x 65 cm
    Assorted Supplies 
    1Utility knife (couteau à lame rétractable)Brand Exacto or other
    1Scissors (ciseaux) 
    1Glue stick (baton de colle) 
    1Cutting mat (une planche à découper)12” x 18” (approximately 30 x 45 cm)
    1Alumicutter ruler (reglet en aluminum)Aluminum-edge ruler for measuring and cutting, 18” (approximately 45 cm long)
    1Set of gouache paints (peinture gouache)One set of primary colors: yellow, red, blue, black, white (student grade). Note: Gouache paint is not the same as acrylic paint or watercolor.
    3Soft brushes for watercolor/ink (pinceau mouille)Three sizes: large for washes, medium, small for lines
    11 oz/29 ml bottle of black India ink (Encre de Chine noir) 
    1Cardboard portfolio (portfeuille en carton, format raisin)For format raisin paper, approximately 52 x 72 cm
    1Cloth portfolio case (Sac à dessin nylon souple pour carton à dessin)For transporting the cardboard portfolio, approximately 59 x 75 cm
    1Extra utility knife blades (lames)Package of five, 18 mm

    Laptop requirements


    All first-year students will receive a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, which is provided by the university at no additional cost. The subscription gives you access to all the programs you'll need for your courses. You will be required to use the Creative Cloud version of Adobe programs for your coursework, and your instructors will use Creative Cloud software in the classroom. The software subscription will be available when you arrive on campus, so please do not sign up for membership in advance.

    All degree-seeking students receive access to the Microsoft Office Suite. We recommend that students have Microsoft Office installed on their laptops. You do not need to have the newest version. If you already have Microsoft Office installed on your laptop, you can continue using the version you have. If you need to download Microsoft Office, please log in with your New School email address and password at to download the latest version.

    Laptop Requirements

    As an artist or designer, you will be working in an increasingly digital landscape. The Parsons curriculum addresses this by making digital literacy a foundational component of first-year coursework. Parsons requires all new first-year students to have a laptop for in-class and at-home use related to their studies. The requirement ensures that all students share a consistent learning experience as they develop their digital skill set. Find out information (PDF) about approved laptop models as well as a detailed list of minimum and recommended specifications.

    Macbook Pro

    Minimum Specifications: 8GB Ram, Core i5 Processor, 512GB solid-state drive

    Recommended Specifications: 16GB Ram, Core i7 Processor, 512GB solid-state drive

    PC Laptop

    Minimum Specifications: 16GB Ram, Core i7 Processor, 512GB solid-state drive

    Other Essentials

    1. 500GB Backup Solid-State Drive (recommended model)

    2. 32GB SD Card (recommended model)

    3. 32GB USB Key (recommended model)

    4. Apple USB-C adapter (for students with post-2017 MacBook Pro) (recommended model)

    If you have any questions, please contact

  • COVID-19 Information for Admitted Students

    The New School continues to monitor and respond to the public health situation regarding the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. French authorities decided to close all schools beginning Monday, March 16, until further notice in response to the outbreak. Classes at Parsons Paris have moved online. While activities on campus have stopped, Parsons Paris is implementing remote learning and teaching solutions through the end of the spring semester. Our student support services and the Parsons Paris Admission Office are operational and working remotely, in accordance with the mandate of the French government. The Admission team continues to work with applicants, admitted students, and prospective students and families, and fall 2020 decisions are being released according to our rolling-basis schedule. We are aware of the disruptions affecting many of our applicants, admitted students, and prospective students this academic year. This is why we encourage you to reach out to us for any concerns or questions that you may have.


  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19

    Are staff currently available in France?

    Yes, our administrative and student support services staff are available and working. In accordance with the French government’s mandate, our teams are working remotely until further notice. Our admissions team is also available and will continue working with prospective students, their families, and counselors.

    The best way to reach us is by email ( You can also reach us by phone (+33 01 76 21 76 49). In addition, we are available by Skype at ThinkParsonsParis during our business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Central European Time). 

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

    How has COVID-19 affected your current students in France?

    Classes at Parsons Paris have moved to remote instruction. We have been in close contact with our students, faculty, and staff to ensure that they are aware of the evolving situation and the regulations provided by the French authorities. Most of our students live in private apartments across central Paris. Our Student Success team in Paris, as well as colleagues at our partner organization, Academic Programs International (API), have been continuously updating students about evolving travel restrictions in the United States, France, and beyond and providing support and remote counseling with our team as needed.

    Many of our students have traveled to their home countries, and some remain in France. Students have been asked to contact Student Success to communicate their travel plans, so that we can offer the best support to everyone. Our decision making and planning are guided by our sense of responsibility, first and foremost, to protect the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. It is also our priority to ensure that teaching, learning, and research are progressing and the academic requirements of classes are being met. We continue to take all necessary measures in line with the instructions given by the French authorities and the university's senior leadership.

    How can I stay informed about the status of COVID-19 and the current situation?

    You can consult the websites of the American Embassy and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where important information is posted regularly. You can also check the French government’s coronavirus page for additional details of government regulations to contain the virus.

    Additionally, we update our school status page as needed, and you can visit our university’s COVID-19 page for more information about prevention, travel guidelines, and possible implications for our campuses in New York City and in Paris.

    Can I visit the campus this summer?

    We would love to have you on campus. At the moment, our campus is closed until further notice, and classes are taking place through remote instruction. The campus status will be updated regularly on our website. This, as you know, is linked directly to U.S. and French government regulations as decided upon by authorities that oversee universities. Our priority is to keep students, faculty, staff, and visitors safe, so we follow these guidelines strictly, and when this changes, we will be sure to notify you and update the website accordingly.

    We are offering virtual tours and live online information sessions. Please see our Admission Events page for additional details.

  • I Am Thinking About Submitting an Application or Have Already Submitted an Application

    Is Parsons Paris still accepting applications?

    Parsons Paris is no longer accepting undergraduate or graduate applications for the 2020-2021 academic year. Our applications for fall 2021 will be available in early September.

    I am applying or have already applied, but my school is closed and I cannot get an official transcript. Can I submit unofficial transcripts instead of official transcripts?

    We understand that some students attend schools that are temporarily closed, and this will prevent them from submitting required application materials. We will be flexible during this time; however, we do ask that applicants make every effort possible to submit official transcripts. If you need assistance navigating this process, we invite you to reach out to us. Applications will be reviewed with unofficial transcripts for the fall 2020 admission application cycle, but official transcripts will continue to appear on applicants' checklist in the Admission Hub as being required until they are received. Please make every effort to submit official documents by July 1 if accepted.  

    If no one is on campus to receive mail, where and how should I send my final transcript or other application materials?

    Our mailroom is closed. We encourage applicants to submit materials digitally by email to

    WES has delays; can I send you a transcript without a translation and/or course-by-course evaluation?

    Students who are experiencing difficulties or delays in obtaining translations and/or course evaluations should contact our Admission Office directly regarding their specific situation. International transcripts that require a course-by-course evaluation will still require such an evaluation in order for transfer credit to be granted. We will require official final transcripts from all matriculated students once they can be secured. Transfer credit cannot be granted with unofficial transcripts but can be granted once the official transcript is submitted. We continue to require English translations of any transcripts that are not in English. 

  • I Have Received an Admission Decision

    Will Parsons Paris offer events for admitted students?

    Parsons Paris will host a series of events for admitted students throughout the spring and summer. These events will connect you with faculty, academic advisors, current students, and admissions staff who will answer your questions and help you start your Parsons Paris journey. You can register for those events on the Admission Events page.  

    Parsons Paris held its annual Admitted Student Day on Saturday, April 4. Video presentations by program directors of the majors offered at Parsons Paris can also be found on the Admission Events page. 

    Can I have my deposit reimbursed if I decide not to attend in the fall?

    Though deposits for newly admitted students were due on June 1, we will return deposits to those who ultimately decide to take another path.

    Can I speak with a Parsons Paris student (from my program)?

    We would be delighted to connect you with a current Parsons Paris student.  

    If no one is on campus to receive mail, where and how should I send my final official transcript?

    Our mailroom is closed. We encourage applicants to submit materials digitally by email to

    WES has delays; can I send you a transcript without a translation and/or course-by-course evaluation?

    Students who are experiencing difficulties or delays in obtaining translations and/or course evaluations should contact our Admission Office directly regarding their specific situation. International transcripts that require a course-by-course evaluation will still require such an evaluation in order for transfer credit to be granted. We will require official final transcripts from all matriculated students once they can be secured. Transfer credit cannot be granted with unofficial transcripts but can be granted once the official transcript is submitted. We continue to require English translations of any transcripts that are not in English. 

    If I have received an admission decision and my school is closed and I cannot get a official final transcript, will this delay my course registration or transfer credit?

    We understand that some students attend schools that are temporarily closed, and this will prevent them from submitting required application materials. We will be flexible during this time, but we do ask that applicants make every effort possible to submit official transcripts. We will require official final transcripts from all matriculated students once they can be secured. Transfer credit cannot be granted with unofficial transcripts but can be granted once the official transcript is submitted.

    I'm on the waitlist. When will I find out if I received a space in the fall 2020 class?

    Students who are currently on the waitlist will receive a decision no later than July 31. The Office of Admission will continuously evaluate space availability in our incoming class through the upcoming months.

    I would like to defer my undergraduate or graduate offer of admission for a year. How do I make that request?

    All requests for deferral must be approved by the director of Admission. Special consideration will be given to students who are unable to enroll because of novel coronavirus-related issues. See our full deferral policy.

    I have received my admission decision but I want to stay close to home this year. Can I take courses at another school and come next year?

    Students who opt to take coursework at another institution will need to reapply as transfer students for fall 2021. Students who wish to take a gap year should apply to defer and should not enroll at another institution.

    What if I cannot get my French student visa by the start of fall 2020 on-campus classes?

    We work with our partners, Academic Programs International (API), who closely accompany our students throughout their visa request and delivery process. We expect students who face any delays or difficulties in obtaining a visa for France to contact us, so that we can work with them on their pre-arrival procedures under these unusual circumstances.