Parsons Paris

  • The Parsons Paris campus is currently open. Classes during the month of September will be held online; onsite classes will resume in October 2020.

    This Return to Campus Plan incorporates guidance available to date with the goal of ensuring the safety of our community members to the greatest extent possible under the circumstances - including our community's reliance upon public transportation to commute to the campus, Paris' dense population and as well as additional factors.

    Our return to campus plan gradually phases in in-person activities during the Fall 2020 semester, with a limited number of in-person programs and services, involving a subset of students and employees physically on campus in the beginning. Given the ongoing risks associated with gatherings of large groups of people, these safeguards are still necessary while the pandemic remains a significant threat globally.

    The following guidelines outline the parameters and precautions the school has implemented in order to ensure safety to the greatest extent possible when an on-campus presence is required.

    For more information about the school’s COVID-19 planning, or if you have questions, please contact:

    Designated COVID-19 contact person: Loren Ringer,
    Academic Affairs: Edward Mills,
    Student Success: Ruthie Kroah
    Technology & Campus Resources: Ivan Twohig

    I. Who Will Be on Campus in September 2020?

    From August 31 to October 3 (October 17 for Undergraduate First Year), all classes will take place online and there will be no in-person classes or meetings with instructors. Consequently, all students should plan to attend class remotely.

    Students will be required to reserve spaces and facilities on campus. . To comply with social distancing guidelines, only a limited number of students will be able to use a given space at a time. Student Success will circulate more information regarding how to schedule spaces prior to the beginning of classes.

    The majority of the Parsons Paris’ employees will continue to work remotely. However, a certain number of employees will work on campus to support the limited on-campus activity that will occur during the online period.

    II. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    As mandated by the French government, face masks are mandatory throughout Paris and its suburbs, including all outdoor public spaces. All community members will be required to wear a cloth-based face covering or surgical mask as soon as they enter our buildings. This means face coverings are required whenever students, employees, and visitors are present at Parsons Paris, and must remain on at all times except when one is consuming food or beverages, provided you maintain a 1-meter distance.

    All types of masks (surgical, fabric, etc.) are only meant to be worn for 4 hours. If you intend to be in the building more than 4 hours, you should plan to have two masks.

    The security guard will enforce the wearing of a mask as soon as you enter the building. Parsons Paris will maintain a preventive stock of masks.

    III. Gatherings in Enclosed Spaces

    There will be a number of restrictions imposed on in-person gatherings, including the following:

    1. As few in-person meetings as possible – video or teleconferencing will be the preferred mode of interaction
    2. When in-person meetings occur, they will occur in well-ventilated rooms where 1 meter or more of social distancing is feasible
    3. Gatherings in small spaces (i.e. elevators, supply rooms, etc.) will be limited to no more than 1 individual at a time; in addition, wearing face coverings is required
    4. Non-essential amenities/communal areas will be closed until further notice (break areas, vending machines, lounge areas). The Student Lounge will serve as a classroom during the entire Fall 2020 semester.

    IV. Building circulation flow

    The security guard station will be installed in the 45, rue St Roch building foyer. Only one person at a time is permitted to enter the building and everyone should queue up on the sidewalk with at least 1 meter’s distance. The guard will make sure that everyone who enters is wearing a mask and will refuse entry to those that are not. A free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser is located at the entry, and everyone is expected to disinfect one’s hands or to use your own personal disinfectant gel.

    The following measures have been put into place to ensure everyone’s safety:

    1. Disinfecting Building: The Parsons Paris building at 45, rue St Roch and the offices at 31, ave de l’Opéra have been thoroughly disinfected over the summer break. The building and work spaces will be cleaned at least twice a day. In addition, disinfectant products will be put at the disposal of all building users. The cleaning crew has been instructed to open windows every morning when cleaning.
    2. Elevator: only one person at a time is allowed in the elevator. We therefore consider that the elevator is prioritized for those not capable of taking the stairs.
    3. Double stairwells with unidirectional traffic flow: the main staircase (from ground floor to 6th floor) will be used ONLY as a means to go up. The emergency staircase (signs will direct building users there) will be used ONLY to go down. To access -1, there is only one staircase available.
    4. Hand sanitizer dispensers: dispensers have been placed two per floor on either side of the stairs. It is recommended that all members of our community disinfect their hands before and after going into the classroom. Disinfectant supplies will be placed in every classroom and you should disinfect the seat and table space before you sit down.
    5. Tech Lab: disinfectant wipes are available and you should disinfect the keyboard before you use it. The stations have been separated to respect the 1-meter distance.
    6. Toilets: a disinfectant product will be placed in each toilet and you are expected to wipe the toilet seat and sink before and after use.
    7. Eating lunch (only applies after Oct 5): during the 12:40 to 1:30 pm break, you should first go to the classroom where your 1:30 class will begin to eat lunch. Please plan to finish eating by 1:20, to dispose of empty containers in the trash receptacles and to clean the space in front of you with the disinfectant supplies provided. One-meter distancing must be maintained during lunch.

    V. Symptom Monitoring

    Any individual displaying symptoms related to COVID-19 or that look like possible manifestations of COVID-19 symptoms should remain at home. If you start to display symptoms while you are on campus, please alert the security guard and return home. We have requested that the security guard notify Student Success.

    If you have symptoms, we highly encourage you to get tested andask that you please inform us of the results; however, French law does not require you to disclose. If we learn that we have positive COVID-19 cases, it’s mandatory to report cases to the French Ministry of Education. In the event that Parsons Paris becomes a cluster, we will be obligated to take stricter measures to contain the virus and will inform the community of these changes.

    VI. Other On-Campus Facilities

    Student Success offices at 31, ave de l’Opéra will be open but by appointment only.

    The Parsons Paris annex in Romainville is scheduled to open for classes on Oct 5. An update of the current plans for the Paris campus will also include instructions for Romainville and will be announced just prior to the Oct 5 opening.

    VII. Extracurriculars

    All student extracurricular activities are to remain virtual until further notice.

    VIII. API Housing

    For those students arranging housing through API, API will be responsible for informing students of the special protocols put in place to prevent infection. API has sent an “Informed Consent” document to all students in housing that provides students with information regarding COVID-19 protocols and policies.

    IX. Entering France

    At this time, international students are allowed to travel to France. Know that randomized testing is carried out at the French airport when you land. Please read carefully the following information about traveling to France during this time, visa obtention, and precautions. These guidelines will be updated regularly and, in addition to the resource links below, students should reach out to the the nearest French consulate for the most up-to-date information.

    For students flying to France: You will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no more than 72h before the flight to the boarding agent. Since students will have proven that they have tested negative for COVID-19, we hope there will not be need for a quarantine upon arrival. This could however change, and we will of course keep everyone informed if we are notified of any changes to this policy.

    Campus France has outlined some guidelines for travel, including documents that students must travel with. Please review the Campus France "Back to School 2020" site here and the Campus France COVID-19 FAQs here. These sites outline the requirements for students, depending upon where you are traveling from.

    One of the documents you will need is a travel certificate. The travel certificate can be downloaded here. Scroll down to find the English language version.

    At this time, we do not have additional information regarding the "contact sheet" that students will be required to travel with as well. Updates will be made when we receive more information about what exactly must be included in this document.

    In certain cases, students studying under 90 days (Oct 5 to Dec 18) are able to travel to France without a visa. However, students without a visa may not be able to apply for the national health insurance (Ameli) or be able to accept paid work. We still encourage fall mobility students to try to obtain a visa so that you can enter France before the start of in-person classes in October. However, if you find yourself in a position where you are unable to obtain a visa for some reason, you may still be able to enter and study in France for the fall semester with the appropriate documentation.

    Last but not least, it is important to note that students may not be permitted to enter France prior to the start date that is on the visa or prior to the start of the program (in the case that you enter without a visa). This could change at any time and could vary depending upon where students are traveling from. For students who would like to try to enter France prior to the start date of your visa, you are advised to contact the consulate or embassy nearest to you to inquire as to whether or not this will be possible.

    For further information on Travel to France, please contact Amy Newman at API:

    Parsons Paris recognizes that the measures represent a major change in the way the building spaces have been used in the past. The current situation requires unprecedented measures to keep our community safe. Consequently, we ask each community member for strict adherence to these rules. Likewise, we expect from each of you to commit to setting an example of solidarity and civically minded behavior as we confront these challenging times.

    When in-person classes resume in October 2020, updated building use instructions will be communicated.