• Noncredit certificates offered through Parsons at Open Campus are available in Design Leadership for Business, Digital Marketing, Fashion Business, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Graphic and Digital Design, Healthier Materials and Sustainable Buildings, Interior Design, Infographics and Data Visualization, and Human-Centered Healthcare. The certificate programs provide introductions for adults who are interested in practicing these professions. More flexible and less rigorous than standard university degree programs, the certificate programs are part-time, noncredit courses of study with no entrance requirements. Some students are new to art and design; others enroll in the certificate programs to expand their skills and strengthen their portfolios.

    Pre-College Academy certificates and several online certificates, described below, are also available. 

    Design Leadership for Business (Online)

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    This fast-paced noncredit certificate program is specially designed for professionals who understand the power of using a design-centered approach to develop innovative business solutions. Courses in the program use cross-disciplinary methods to change the way students approach their organizational context in its many facets — from strategy to outreach to service — empowering intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs alike to transform their business practices with creative solutions.

    Digital Marketing (Online)

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    Whether you’re looking to give depth and purpose to your career path in marketing itself, an entrepreneur seeking to break out, or a leader aiming to inspire best-in-class strategic approaches to marketing from your team, our online certificate program will equip you with skills from the forefront of the industry. Learn to develop brand strategies and identities across a range of digital platforms, conquer the social media arena, understand leading techniques for effective user acquisition, and be a force for growth in your business.

    Fashion Business (Online)

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    Fashion business courses, which teach basic business practices in the context of fashion and design, prepare students to work in a variety of fields in the fashion industry, including marketing, retailing, and merchandising. This certificate can be completed online or through a combination of online and on-campus courses.

    Fashion Design

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    Fashion design merges sketching and general visual skills with the power of the imagination. Parsons fashion students have always been on the cutting edge of style. Courses range from the general (e.g., Design Sketching) to the specialized (e.g., Costume Design History). 

    Fashion Industry Essentials (Online)

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    The noncredit Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials consists of five exciting courses taught by more than 20 expert instructors from Parsons School of Design, Teen Vogue, and the fashion industry. The program is 100 percent online, 100 percent on demand, and 100 percent self-paced, so that students can easily fit studying into their busy schedules.

    Fine Arts 

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    Fine arts courses provide a basis for study of all the art and design disciplines. Beginning artists and illustrators are introduced to essential tools and ideas. Artists with more experience develop their skills and expand their creativity in advanced courses.

    Graphic and Digital Design (Online)

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    Today's graphic designers must know current technologies and be aware of the rapidly changing image market. Graphic and digital design classes emphasize design and creativity while providing intensive technical training. Instruction is flexible and inclusive, enabling both beginning and advanced students to make great strides during the semester. This certificate can be completed online, on campus, or through a combination of online and on-campus study.

    Healthier Materials and Sustainable Buildings (Online)

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    Developed by experts at Parsons’ Healthy Materials Lab, this series of four self-paced online courses brings a consideration of human health to all aspects of design and building practices. The program first introduces students and practitioners to basic construction materials, their chemical makeup, and their relationship to human health. We then focus on how current and aspiring designers and architects can specify better building materials in future projects.

    Human-Centered Healthcare (Online)

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    Focusing on developing solutions built around user needs and outcomes, this online certificate is ideal for practitioners working in healthcare settings who want systems-focused, design-driven tools for improving service delivery and developing entrepreneurial opportunities, and for creatives seeking new skills in user-based research, design, and innovation.

    Infographics and Data Visualization (Online)

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    This online certificate program gives professionals the fundamentals they need to succeed in big data- and metrics-driven environments.

    Interior Design 

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    Courses in interior design develop students' sensibilities in space design; decorative arts history courses introduce students to antiques and furnishings.

    Streetwear Essentials (Online)

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    This innovative noncredit certificate program explores all aspects of the streetwear industry through more than 15 hours of online instruction featuring recognized leaders from across the streetwear world. Students gain valuable industry knowledge, learn about potential career paths, and acquire real-world skills through self-paced projects.

    User-Centered Design (UX/UI) (Online)

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    Build user satisfaction and promote interaction with a system, service, or product, such as a website, Web application, or mobile application, by learning to improve its usability, accessibility, and desirability.

    Web Design and Development (Online)

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    The skills you learn in this certificate program will enable you to build and design websites and mobile apps and produce portfolio-worthy projects.