• Parsons at Open Campus offers continuing education courses throughout the year. Subjects include digital design, fashion design, fashion business, fine arts, graphic design, interior design and architecture studies, healthcare design, infographics and data visualization, and designing online learning programs. Most courses can be taken either for general credit (nondegree) or on a noncredit basis.

    Business of Design

    Business of design courses use cross-disciplinary methods to change the way students approach business, lend narratives to data sets, and empower designers and artists to successfully run a practice.
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    Digital Design

    Digital design classes provide solid technical training while emphasizing design and creativity. Instruction is flexible, allowing both the novice and the advanced student to make great strides rapidly.
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    Fashion Design and Fashion Business

    Parsons students have always been on the cutting edge of style. Fashion design courses merge the process, skills, and language of fashion design from concept through production, progressing from basic drawing and construction techniques. Courses in drawing fashion flats, sketching from a live model, fashion design history, and costume design round out the curriculum.

    Fashion business courses teach basic business practices in the context of fashion and design. They prepare students to work in a variety of fields in the fashion industry, including marketing, retailing, and merchandising. This certificate can be completed online or through a combination of online and on-campus courses.
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    Our courses help you break down the many facets of marketing—from branding to publicity and promotion to digital media—and use them to further your career or business.
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    Fine Arts

    Fine arts courses prepare students for all the art and design disciplines. Beginning artists, designers, photographers, and illustrators are introduced to the essential tools and ideas of the profession. Experienced students can develop their skills and creativity in advanced-level fine art courses.
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    Graphic Design

    Today's graphic designers must be familiar with both the latest technologies and the rapidly changing image market. Parsons' courses develop knowledge and skills in both realms.
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    Interior Design

    Architecture studies develop students' sensibility in the design of space; interior decoration courses introduce students to the world of antiques and furnishings.
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    Information Design 

    Information design reveals patterns behind data, enabling users to understand phenomena in greater depth, find clarity in complexity, and immerse themselves in statistical narratives. These courses develop students’ capacity to extract insights from data and transform them into effective and compelling visuals. Classes introduce the basics of data analytics, build students’ conceptual and strategic thinking abilities, and provide foundational graphic design skills, including proven information schematics. 
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    Service and User Experience Design 

    The demand for designers who can create services and experiences for an array of individuals and platforms — customers, mobile devices, retailers, cars, government agencies, wearable tech — has never been greater. These courses develop the skills in human-centered design thinking and strategic design, UX (user experience) research, and process and systems design needed to create effective, memorable interactions that enrich us personally, professionally, and as a society. 
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