Digital Marketing Online (Online)

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    Certificate Details

    • Course requirements: 5 online courses
    • Timeline to completion: Courses last six weeks or less. Most students take two courses per semester. The certificate must be completed in two years.
    • Cost: $577 per course; $2,885 total

    Grow your brand’s relevance in the digital age. Mastering digital marketing is a path to success in today’s technology-driven global economy. Whether you want to jump-start a marketing career, launch an entrepreneurial venture, or inspire a team with best-in-class strategy, our online program will equip you with the industry-leading skills you need. Learn to develop digital strategies and tactical approaches across a range of platforms, leverage social media, and reach new audiences to support businesses of all kinds.

    The Digital Marketing Certificate consists of five courses designed to be taken in order, but all courses are open to students wishing to explore any particular topic. The last course, Digital Marketing Campaigns, is the capstone course and should be taken by students who have completed the previous courses or have significant digital marketing experience. Students planning to earn the certificate are encouraged to complete courses in the following order:

    Certificate Course Sequence

    1) The Digital Marketing Ecosystem

    This course is an overview of the digital marketing ecosystem. We explore the history and continuing evolution of the industry and how and why it has evolved. Discover how components of the industry interconnect. Learn from an industry pioneer who has been there and seen the growth, and find out where the industry is heading now.

    2) Getting Creative: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    This course is for artists, fundraisers — anyone trying to advance his or her brand. We look at your strategy — your plan — and determine what success means to you. Apply your creativity, define your goals, analyze your resources, conduct channel planning, and decide when to use digital marketing tactics.

    3) Social Media Marketing 

    Tap into the enormous potential of social media to elevate your brand and business. In this class, we cover all the essentials — from mapping your strategy, choosing your channels, and crafting viral content to monitoring, measuring, and responding to user activity for best performance. Gain immediately actionable insights and set goals that will have you powering through your core KPIs (we’ll explain what those are, too). By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid trove of tips and tools with which to implement your vision and drive results.

    4) Programmatic, Mobile, and Native Marketing 

    Examine the opportunities these areas offer, individually and collectively. Learn how a campaign comes together across all media. Examine the role of data in optimization of media.

    5) Digital Marketing Campaigns 

    This course guides you through the process of designing a marketing plan, from brief to channel selection to projection of ROI, including potential simulation of outcomes and optimization strategies. Create a digital marketing plan and take it live.