Fashion Industry Essentials (Online)

  • This one-of-a-kind program provides an exciting overview of the fashion industry, with more than 70 on-demand course videos taught by Parsons faculty, Teen Vogue editors, and leading fashion industry experts. Carefully crafted assignments help students develop skills and gain valuable insights into the fashion industry. They learn to build a portfolio, prepare for a job interview, and apply to a fashion degree program that will prepare them to build a successful future in fashion.

    The noncredit Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials consists of five exciting courses taught by more than 20 expert instructors from Parsons School of Design, Teen Vogue, and the fashion industry. The program is 100 percent online, 100 percent on demand, and 100 percent self-paced, so that students can easily fit studying into their busy schedules.

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    Fashion Industry Essentials Online Certificate Requirements

    • Suitable for all ages at the beginner and intermediate levels
    • No prerequisites or prior knowledge of fashion needed
    • Once you've completed all course assignments and had your final course portfolio project approved, you'll receive your Parsons Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials. For more information about course completion and final portfolio, reach out to a dedicated advisor today!

    Course Descriptions

    Unlocking Visual Style

    Key Concept: Fashion is a visual medium that tells a story.
    Parsons Faculty: Patrick Hughes, Geoffry Gertz
    Teen Vogue and Industry Experts: Amy Astley, Andrew Bevan, Cynthia Sakai

    Thinking Like a Designer

    Key Concept: “Collection” is a common, foundational concept in the fashion industry.
    Parsons Faculty: Angela Gao, Francesca Sammaritano, Muriel Favaro, Caletha Crawford, Geoffry Gertz
    Teen Vogue and Industry Experts: Rebecca Minkoff, Adam Selman, Cynthia Sakai

    Understanding Fashion Production

    Key Concept: Garment and accessory production is a fascinating, complex process that encompasses all aspects of production, from design to display on the retail floor.
    Parsons Faculty: Angela Gao, Muriel Favaro
    Teen Vogue and Industry Experts: Marina Larroude

    Working in Fashion Media

    Key Concept: Teen Vogue experts talk about the world of fashion media, from editorial photography to social media.
    Parsons Faculty: Caletha Crawford
    Teen Vogue: Amy Astley, Rhianna Rule, Sarah Brody, Drew Elovitz, Erin Hover, Jessica Minkoff

    Developing Fashion Marketing and PR Skills

    Key Concept: Collaborative marketing, social media, and public relations are playing an increasingly important role in the business of fashion.
    Parsons Faculty: Caletha Crawford, Angela Gao, Muriel Favaro, Thomas Werner
    Teen Vogue and Industry Experts: Amy Astley, Dana Matthews

    Total Course Length

    This 12-week noncredit program, available only online, features a self-paced curriculum. Students have access to all course materials for a full year from the time of initial registration, allowing them to study at their own pace. Students are encouraged to take whatever time is necessary to successfully complete the program, keeping in mind that a renewed registration will be required if completion takes longer than one year.