Parsons Scholars Pre-College Program

  • Parsons Scholars is a college preparatory program designed to give access to Parsons to a diverse body of talented students who might not otherwise have such an opportunity. The program offers multi-year scholarships to New York City public high school students.

    The Parsons Scholars program is a multi-year, need-based scholarship program for motivated New York City public school students interested in art and design study. Accepted students participate from 10th grade through 12th grade.

    Parsons Scholars have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of studio subjects in the Pre-College Academy and Summer Intensive Studies programs, where they acquire skills and knowledge that will help them gain admission to and succeed in colleges of art and design. In addition to taking classes, students participate in workshops and field trips to gain exposure to art and design fields. Students earn college credit and a Pre-College Certificate from Parsons upon successful completion of the Parsons Scholars program.

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    The Parsons Scholars program is made possible by endowments established by Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence, The Haus of Gaga Fund for the Parsons Scholars, and The Kay Unger Family Foundation. Additional support is provided by The New York Community Trust, the Theodore Luce Charitable Trust, LF USA, the Pinkerton Foundation, Phyllis B. Kriegel, Jennifer Andrus Burroughs, The Chan Foundation, the Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation, OXO, Bloomingdale’s, William and Jane Corbellini, Jessica Weber, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Harvey and Audrey Feuerstein, Cynthia Friedman, the GC Scholarship Foundation, A. Mark Gibbel, Henry and Barbara Gooss, Victoria Hagan, Lela Rose, LuAnn Via, and other generous donors.

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