• Design research methods provide a human-centered approach — one that places a deep and empathetic understanding of users at the center of finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Parsons considers research an integral part of the learning experience, with students and faculty working together to challenge existing paradigms and advance emerging scholarship and practice. Many of Parsons’ research efforts are supported through creative collaborations with industry and community partners. Below are links to just some of the research laboratories at Parsons and other schools and colleges of The New School.

    • Center for Data Arts: a research laboratory and design studio within The New School, undertaking projects for governmental and private entities that expand the boundaries of data representation and pioneering radical new techniques for transforming complex information into meaningful narrative experiences
    • Center for New York City Affairs: an applied policy research institute dedicated to improving the effectiveness of government and other organizations in their work with urban families and communities
    • Center for Transformative Media: a transdisciplinary research center dedicated to the invention, critique, and understanding of transformative media practices, including gaming, social networking, creative mobility, data mining, and participatory learning
    • Curatorial Design Research Lab: a network of collaborators and critically acclaimed exhibition spaces, public programs, archives, and collections across Parsons, The New School, and beyond
    • DESIS Lab: Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability
    • Drawing Lab: addresses cinemetric modes of gathering information and sampling data that engage the emergent nature of cities
    • E-Lab: design-driven business incubator and research lab for recent Parsons alumni that provides technical resources and know-how to turn ideas into thriving ventures
    • Healthy Materials Lab: a collaboration with the Healthy Building Network that aims to transform the way building products are manufactured, eliminate avoidable toxics, and support the creation of new materials
    • India China Institute (ICI): fosters collaborative research and institutional and personal connections between India, China, and the United States
    • Open Style Lab (OSL): works to make style and clothing accessible to people of all abilities by bringing together designers, engineers, and occupational therapists
    • Parsons Design Lab (PDL): PDL connects industry partners to university practice and research at the emerging edge of design. Parsons draws on the expertise of faculty and students across the design disciplines to build collaborative teams that employ an empathetic, user-centered methodology to address companies' compelling design challenges.
    • PetLab (Prototyping, Evaluation, Teaching, and Learning): a public interest game design and research lab for interactive media
    • Sheila C. Johnson Design Center: hosts exhibitions, events, and programs to promote active dialogue on the role of innovative art and design in responding to the contemporary world
    • Tishman Environment and Design Center: facilitates research, curriculum development, internships, and fieldwork opportunities in environmental studies
    • Vera List Center for Art and Politics: organizes events and programs that respond to some of the pressing social and political issues of our time as they are articulated by the academic community and visual and performing artists
    • Visualizing Finance Lab: explores financial situations and dynamics through visual, metaphorical, and narrative representations in order to develop a vocabulary for describing the recent financial crisis; is also creating a searchable online database 
    • XRC Labs: an innovation accelerator for the next generation of disruptors in the retail and consumer goods sectors. A joint venture between Founding Sponsor organizations Kurt Salmon and Parsons, with the support of the Harvard University Innovation Lab

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