Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Kailu Guan

    KG Projects


    KG Projects is a digital platform that creates an immersive and interactive storytelling experience for fashion designers presenting their collections. As fashion designers, we are always looking for a richer medium with which to express ourselves or to explore content. Dispassionate forms of commerce suppress the richness of sound and movement in our work. To deliver the communication that our designs deserve, KG Projects uses augmented reality as a catalyst to expand the presence of clothing beyond its tangible form. 

    This project consists of a collection of six looks and an accompanying app. I developed screen-printing techniques that not only speak to a unique aesthetic but are optimized to perform as recognizable information. Collaborating with developers and animators, I converted prints into code, using image recognition technology. Inside the app, users will be immersed in an untethered 4D world as they digitally interact with the collection.