Student Work

  • Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Yoonseok Jason Oh


    Janchi is a Korean word for celebration. In almost every human culture, communities celebrate through sharing food with loved ones. In a Janchi, people typically eat Korean barbecue. They gather around an open fire and share food, conversation, and ideas and, most important, bond with one another. So how does blockchain fit into the picture? Blockchain is the backbone technology of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Blockchain technology is based on decentralization, transparency, and peer-to-peer interactions. Like blockchain, a Korean barbecue is an interactive event. At a Korean barbecue, you can control the cooking process and customize it for each individual. This creates a community of people who build trust. Purchasing or transacting in cryptocurrencies also creates a community of ledgers that can help build trust. This project will allow people to experience the value of decentralization and transparency through embodied interactions with Korean barbecue. See more on issuu.