Study Abroad

  • There are a number of opportunities for Parsons students to study abroad and for students from other schools to study at Parsons.

    Study abroad opportunities allow Parsons students to travel to destinations such as London, Paris, Florence, and many others. The various exchange partner schools of Parsons enable students to engage in coursework with international students. Explore the options available through our Approved Programs.

    Please see the list of frequently asked questions below, and explore our exchange partners, the policies and procedures for your major, and information on studying at Parsons Paris.

  • Study Abroad Options for Parsons Students

    Parsons students can study abroad from one semester to a maximum of one academic year, depending on major and location of study. Students interested in studying abroad should refer to the Approved Programs Page to see options available for each major.  

    Parsons offers three main ways to study abroad over a full semester:

    • Parsons Paris: Studying at Parsons Paris offers students the flexibility of taking New School courses abroad while learning in the Parisian context and having the opportunity to live in Paris.
    • Exchange Programs: Parsons partners with some of the best art and design institutions around the world to give our students the opportunity to study in different cultural contexts.
    • Direct Application Programs: Other opportunities for studying abroad exist through programs not directly affiliated with Parsons.

    How and When to Apply

    The first step for Parsons students applying to study abroad is to submit an internal application through GoAbroad. The internal application cycle for fall and summer 2020 is currently available. Upon approval of the internal application, students will receive instructions for applying to their preferred programs.   

    Applications are reviewed for study abroad twice a year. Upcoming deadlines are as follows:

    • The deadline for fall 2020 and summer 2020 direct and third-party program applications is April 20.
    • The deadline for fall 2020 and academic year 2020-2021 at Parsons Paris is February 17.
    • The deadline for fall 2020 exchange partner programs is February 10.

    Contact Us

    Contact the Parsons Global Office for questions about Parsons Study Abroad programming:

    Ralph Papillon

    Coordinator of Global and Student Initiatives                           
    72 Fifth Ave, 3rd floor                         
    New York, NY 10011