Summer Programs

  • Parsons Summer Programs

    Parsons Summer Programs

    Summer is the time to travel to new places, make new friends, tackle new challenges, and discover something new about yourself. Parsons offers ways to reinvent yourself in a variety of summer programs.

    Registration for summer 2020 opens on November 19.

    Learn about pre-college, college/adult, and graduate programs

    Parsons offers summer programs for students from grade 3 through graduate school. Pre-college students can enroll in Summer Intensive Studies New York, Summer Intensive Studies Paris, or Parsons Pre-College Academy. College-age and adult students can choose from Summer Intensive Studies New York, Summer Intensive Studies Paris, and Summer Studies in Constructed Environments. For students at the graduate level, Parsons offers a Decorative Arts Graduate Seminar.

    New York or Paris?

    Our Summer Intensive Studies programs, offered in New York and Paris, are three-week-long bootcamps in art and design open to pre-college students (16-18 years old) and college-level and adult students (19+ years old). The summer intensives provide academically rigorous classes in artistically stimulating environments.

    Pre-college students entering grades 3–12 next fall can enroll in summer courses at Parsons Pre-College Academy in New York.

    Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, and Lighting Design

    Designed for college students and graduates, the five-week Summer Studies in Constructed Environments is a studio-based curriculum in architecture, interior design, industrial design, and lighting design. This program prepares students to study for professional master's degrees or embark on rewarding design careers.