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The Platform Cooperativism Consortium announces
#TheNewCommonSense – Forging the Cooperative Digital Economy Conference


The annual Platform Cooperativism Consortium (PCC) conference brings together more than 80 scholars and practitioners from over twenty countries to examine how platform cooperatives have responded to the pandemic, analyze regulations, and explore contemporary experiments with data cooperatives, token systems, and feminist digital infrastructures. Participants will also discuss the possibility of cooperative governance in the digital world, data trusts, and feminist tech infrastructures.

Throughout the conference, they will grapple with the questions: In a platform society, how can geographically dispersed workers self-govern digital platforms? Which sectors and communities will benefit the most from platform co-ops? What role may unions play in supporting this movement? And how could platform cooperatives contribute to the creation of green tech infrastructures?

Opening remarks will be delivered by Mary Watson, Executive Dean of the Schools of Public Engagement at The New School.

Platform Cooperativism Consortium at The New School, New York City
Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW), Berlin
WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Berlin

Mondragon University MTA
Humboldt University of Berlin
Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment at The New School 
Weizenbaum Institute 
Platform Cooperatives Germany

Opening Remarks: Mary Watson, Executive Dean of the Schools of Public Engagement at The New School, New York City

November 12-13, 2021; In-Person at Humboldt University of Berlin (Invite only, due to COVID)
November 15-18, 2021; Virtual (Open to the public)

Berlin, Germany and virtual.
The virtual sessions are open to the public. Register at 

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