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  • Why Choose Milano?

    The Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment is a professional graduate school serving adults seeking careers or career advancement in environmental policy and sustainability management, international affairs, management, and urban policy. In many organizations, a master's degree or advanced certificate is required for entry or is a prerequisite for promotion. Students come to Milano because of its innovative degrees, progressive social agenda, and emphasis on experiential learning. Milano is listed by a leading ranker of universities as one of the top 20 schools of public affairs in the United States.

    Milano students seeking professional career entry, advancement, or a career change from one sector to another often find new positions during their course of study thanks to the credibility they gain as enrolled graduate students.

    Where They Serve

    Milano alumni serve around the world in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, in local, national, and international organizations, in banking and public and private financial services. They serve emerging markets and under-served constituencies. They work in policy analysis, international development, arts management, community-based economic development, housing, child welfare, health care, education, environmental protection, and public advocacy. They are leaders for sustainable development, organizational change, and new urban initiatives. Explore career paths for graduates of all Milano School programs.

    Career Choices in Public, Private, and Nonprofit Sectors

    Graduates of the Milano School find fulfilling careers in all three sectors. Many begin working in one sector and move to another or work in organizations that build strategic alliances and partnerships across sectors. Milano degrees prepare you to succeed in many professions, rather than limiting you to narrow expertise. At graduation, every student has a professional portfolio and highly developed analytical and managerial skills in his or her field of study.

    Career Development Support

    The Milano Office of Career Development offers extensive services for students and alumni, including help with career planning and decision making, networking, and employment opportunity referrals. As part of its mission, the office works directly with many employers who are recruiting students and alumni. All students are strongly encouraged to meet with our career development staff during their first year of study. Alumni use the office's services throughout their professional lives. Services include an online job bank and introductions to alumni practitioners in Milano's field of study.

    Students and alumni can make appointments for individual advisement on a range of topics, including career assessments and exploration, evaluating professional goals, job and internship search strategies, help in crafting targeted, accomplishment-based resumes, as well as writing effective letters of inquiry, cover letters, and follow-up communications, and help in preparing for job interviews and salary negotiations. Students are assisted in finding and obtaining internships and part-time and full-time permanent positions while they are in school. Our professional staff is expert in coaching students with limited professional work experience, those who are changing careers, and seasoned professionals seeking to advance.

    As well as individual advisement, the Office of Career Development regularly conducts experiential workshops and events at which job seekers can connect with professionals in the field and prospective employers. In addition to regular job fairs, employer information sessions, career panel discussions with alumni, and seminars, Milano offers special career development programs.

    To accommodate working students, the career services office is open several weekday evenings, and workshops are sometimes held on weekends. Feel free to call or email our office if you have any questions.

  • Career Development Programs

    Boot Camp: Your Value Proposition

    Identify and articulate your marketable skills and the "value proposition" that differentiates you from competitors for the same positions. Learn how to use this information to craft an effective, targeted, self-marketing document. This sequence of two workshops also covers job search correspondence and choosing and presenting your references.

    Boot Camp: Job Search Strategy Marathon Day

    A full-day workshop that begins with writing your ideal job profile and receiving outsider critiques of your "introductory statement." You get tips for developing a self-marketing plan, networking for referrals, giving effective informational interviews, answering interview questions, and evaluating and negotiating job offers.

    Full-time students are expected to participate in the job search strategy workshop during their first semester. Students planning to apply for summer internships should also take this workshop.

    Career Change Workshop

    This session offer strategic advice about making a transition to a different function, sector, and/or industry.

    Practitioner in Residence

    A seasoned professional in your field of interest is available to review your résumé and/or walk you through a practice job interview.

    Recorded and Critiqued Practice Job Interviews

    You can have yourself recorded in a practice interview for a real position. Watch the video recording of your interview with a career services advisor and get feedback about your answers to questions, body language, and other communication skills.

    Overcoming Age Discrimination in a Job Search

    Older students and alumni get help in updating their personal presentation skills and tips for targeting receptive segments of the job market.